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Diabetic Socks & How They Are Different From Regular Socks

Diabetes is one of the common diseases of today which comes with lots of complications if left untreated. Most evident complications are foot problems. That is why diabetic socks are made specially to prevent aggravation to the feet. Now is a great time to pit both diabetic socks and regular socks together and get a rundown on how they differ from one another.


Diabetic socks are elastic. They fit just right on the leg and are not too tight. This is to promote proper circulation to the feet. Remember that diabetic persons should avoid anything tight on their legs and feet which could impair the blood flow. They need proper circulation in these areas to prevent further nerve damages. On the other hand, this elastic component cannot be found in ordinary socks Compression Socks Men & Women B07JVCZXTZ.

Materials Used

Normally, you can see and feel the seams in your regular socks. But with diabetic socks, these toe seams are not present because they are actually woven. The seams are made from wrinkled material. Since a diabetic person’s feet are sensitive, they need non-wrinkled materials to prevent the possibility of blistering and pressure.

Ability to Control Moisture

Diabetic socks are specially made to control the moisture caused by sweating of the feet. Moisture can cause bacterial growth and infection. That is why people with diabetes need to keep their feet dry all of the time. Regular socks are not capable of providing this benefit.

Space in the Toe Area

The toe area of diabetic socks is wider compared to ordinary socks. This is designed especially to give the feet more space to breathe and cushion the feet when wearing shoes.

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