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Smart Power Strip – How to Conserve Electricity at Home?

Have you taken the time to install one or more smart power strips around your house? If the answer is no, this is one of the easy ways to conserve electricity around the house. You will definitively want to give this more careful consideration if you are interested in how to conserve electricity and reduce your energy costs.

So what problem does a smart power strip solve? Actually, a quite universal and clearly widespread problem that really has no geographical boundaries. The problem I am referring to is how to save electricity related to all those electronic appliances that are plugged in all the time. The problem is not that they are plugged in (well almost), but rather that they continue to consume electricity when we think that are expected to be turned off. What I mean by this is when they are in some form of standby state ZOOMACH Surge Protector Power Strip B07DLMGXMC.

Many people refer to this issue or problem as getting rid of the vampire or phantom electricity cost or waste for that matter. Finding methods to eliminate this is one of the best ways to conserve electricity, but more importantly save money on electricity that regularly shows up in our monthly electricity bill.

My preferred way to save electricity is to install a smart power strip to start eliminating this electricity waste. So what type of electronic appliances are we talking about? You just need to take a quick tour around your house or apartment to develop a list. I think you will find that this list is a bit larger than you may expect. Some things to look out for are those appliances with remote controls, led lamps always illuminated or just devices that are always plugged in. Just take a look around your television as a starting point, bedrooms, etc.

This is important since some estimate that 75% of the electricity of such appliances is consumed when they are actually turned off, since they are always plugged into the wall outlet. Now if the average home spends 10% percent of their total annual energy costs on these types of electronic appliances, there is some room to reduce your costs with one or more smart power strips. No all of our situations are the same, but even if it is 40%, it is still an interesting energy conservation point to consider and follow.

Can I really solve the problem completely? Well, only if you went around and unplugged everything after you have finished using it. This is a great no cost solution, however the reality is this is unlikely to happen. One reason for this is that electrical cords are not always easily accessible. The second reason is all of use would need to be extremely disciplined.

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