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The Difference Between Snow Boots and Winter Boots

Men are not that fashion forward compared to women. This results to men usually buying just what they need, or sometimes what they think they need. And because of this, when men want winter boots they sometimes buy snow boots and vice versa thinking that they are all the same. But when buying these kinds of boots, they should know one important thing: snow boots and winter boots are not really the same thing Enly Winter Snow Boots Slip-on Water B071DV97M3.

Just because they are both designed to keep feet warm, they were not really made to perform the same function. The snow version have many features that normal boots might not have. For example, they are not just made for traversing through piles and piles of snow, they are also designed to be worn in wet conditions. Many styles usually feature insulation meant to keep feet warm even in the most brutally cold weather, since frostbite is a risk when it comes to having cold feet.

Snow boots are usually heavier and are designed for people who will spend most of their time in snow and even other wintry weather conditions. Normal boots on the other hand are designed with warmth in mind, although some offer better warming capabilities that are designed for snow.

Winter boots may be more fashionable than snow boots but are designed for general winter use and cannot give the protection and warmth that a good snow boot does. If you will be walking in piles and piles of snow, you may want to consider purchasing a pair of boots specifically designed for that purpose. These manufacturers usually give temperature ratings for their products and they specify whether or not the they were built for heavy cold weather activity.

If you want to keep the snow out, make sure that they be at least above the hem of your pants most especially above the ankle. The uppers should be made of leather or nylon and should feature taped or sealed seams for added moisture protection. But there are other boots that have a fleece collar or cuff, a drawstring closure at the top of the boot to help keep snow out.

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