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Using Bath Bombs With Hydrotherapy to Treat Flu Symptoms

With all of the recent controversy surrounding flu vaccinations and medications for treating flu, it is no wonder that many people are looking for natural ways to treat flu. Hydrotherapy with bath bombs provides a great way to treat flu symptoms without the use of potentially harmful medications Organic Large Ball Gift Set For Girls/Boys B079Z292G8.

What is Hydrotherapy?

Simply put, hydrotherapy is treatment using water. This can be hot or cold water in the form of baths, showers, saunas, misters, water massage and many other forms. For our purpose here, hydrotherapy is in the form of a hot bath. Hydrotherapy can increase blood circulation, which in turn helps to circulate immune-boosting white cells throughout the body. This will not only enhance the immune system, but will also raise energy levels and contribute to a general feeling of well-being. Hydrotherapy also helps to alleviate respiratory symptoms such as chest and nasal congestion.

What are Bath Bombs?

A bath bomb (AKA bath fizzy) is a fizzing tablet or ball used in the bath. The active ingredients, citric acid and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) create a chemical reaction in the water that causes carbon dioxide to be released which results in bubbles much like those in champagne. There are many optional ingredients that can be added, including salts, moisturizers and essential oils.

How do Bath Bombs Help Hydrotherapy?

There are a few ways that bath bombs will help with the effectiveness of hydrotherapy. The keys are the ingredients used to make them and the essential oils used to scent them. When you make them for yourself or for others, you get to control exactly what goes in them and tailor them to your needs.

One of the key ingredients in making bath fizzies is baking soda. Its main purpose is to contribute to the chemical reaction in the bath that causes the fizzing effect, but I think that the beauty of making bath bombs is the fact that baking soda also has some really great health benefits. Baking soda is very soothing to the skin and can be used to treat skin conditions such as eczema. It is also known to aid in drainage of the lymphatic system. This is a very important step in helping to fight off the flu as draining the lymphatic system will help to eliminate toxins from your body, which in turn will help to strengthen your immune system.

Epsom salts are not a required ingredient in making bath bombs, but are one of the many optional ingredients that can be added. When using bath fizzies in combination with hydrotherapy to treat flu, epsom salts are a good addition because they are a great remedy for the sore and achy muscles that so often accompany flu. When added to bath bombs, they will also help to draw toxins from the body.

Essential oils are another optional ingredient that can be used in making bath bombs. Essential oils can be used to treat many health conditions, including colds and flu. My favorite blend for fighting flu is equal parts tea tree, ginger and lavender. The tea tree is an antiviral and will help to ease chest and nasal congestion. The ginger increases blood circulation which helps to raise body temperature to fight off the virus. Lavender is a natural central nervous system sedative which will relax the muscles and calm the mind, allowing for a better nights sleep. Add this combination when you make bath bombs and keep extra on hand for family members or friends who are ill.


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